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Why Choosethe Managing Scrum/Kanban with JiraProgram


Enhance your marketability and competitiveness, especially for Scrum Master/Agile Project Manager Roles


Demonstrate your proficiency in Kanban and Scrum using Jira.


Open up new avenues for career growth by harnessing the power of Jira for Agile project management.


Stay ahead in a competitive industry by equipping yourself with the latest skills and knowledge in Agile project management, specifically tailored to Jira

Who should Take Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira Certification?

  • Professionals who want to understand the real usage of Jira from a Scrum or Kanban perspective.

What Will You Gain from the Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira Program?

  • Mastery of Jira software and its tools, enabling you to leverage its full potential for Agile project management.

  • Proficiency in planning and tracking your team's work using Jira, optimizing task management and ensuring efficient progress monitoring.

  • Increased productivity of your teams through effective utilization of Jira's features and streamlined collaboration.

  • Enhanced project management skills, allowing you to manage projects more effectively by utilizing Jira's Agile boards and project tracking capabilities.

  • Improved collaboration and transparency within your teams, fostering effective communication and visibility of project progress on Jira Agile boards.

Steps to do Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira Course


Enroll in the course


Attend the Live Session


Get the course completion certificate


Connect with Trainer for any doubts as part of one-month doubt clarification support

Learning Objectives for the Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira Program

  • Effectively utilize Jira's Agile boards to visualize and manage work, track progress, and collaborate using various Agile approaches such as Scrum and Kanban.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in backlog management by creating, prioritizing, and estimating user stories and tasks in Jira.

  • Plan and execute sprints with efficiency using Jira, including creating sprint backlogs, assigning tasks, estimating effort, and tracking progress.

  • Utilize Jira's real-time visibility into sprint burndown charts and velocity for effective monitoring and data-driven decision-making.

  • Present Jira's issue tracking capabilities to capture, track, and manage issues and bugs throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Create issues, assign them to individuals, set priorities, and track their resolution.

  • Customize Jira to align with specific Agile processes and workflows by creating custom issue types, fields, and workflows.

  • Explore Jira's extensive range of plugins and integrations to extend its functionality and integrate with existing development tools.

  • Generate comprehensive reports and leverage metrics provided by Jira to gain insights into Agile products/projects.

  • Present reports on burndown, velocity, cycle time, lead time, and other key metrics to assess team performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • Seamlessly integrate Jira with development tools, such as Confluence

Deliverables of the Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira Training Program

  • One interactive session lasting six hours, providing comprehensive hands-on learning in a condensed format.

  • Training conducted by an experienced trainer with expertise in Agile approaches and Jira.

  • Highly interactive session with lots of discussion and exercises to enhance understanding and practical application.

  • Real-world support and grooming to bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation.

  • Earn 6 PDUs (Professional Development Units) or SEUs (Scrum Education Units) to renew your PMI or CSM certificate.

  • Query handling facility available via email and phone to address any questions or concerns after the training.

  • Complete career path guidance to help you navigate and advance in the field of Agile project management.

  • One month of doubt clarification support to ensure a deep understanding of the concepts covered in the training.

  • Continuous learning and support to further enhance your coaching understanding and stay updated with industry best practices.

  • Course Completion Certiifcate validating your proficiency in managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira.

Detailed Agenda
(Use Jira for project management (Scrum/Kanban) (6 hours))

Introduction to Jira – (30 Minutes)

  • Creating an account on Atlassian
  • Overview (Different project types)
  • UI Structure (Active Sprint/Backlog/Sprints)
  • Different issue types and Hierarchy
  • EPIC, Tasks, Story, Bugs & Subtasks
  • Jira basic filtration and advanced JQL
  • Versions/Releases
  • Components
  • Imports/Exports
  • Bulk operation
  • Scrum Board (Roadmap, Active Sprint)
  • Product Backlog & sprint backlog creation
  • Jira Standard Reports
  • Scrum Board & Configurations
  • Kanban board & configurations
  • Setting up a dashboard for monitoring and presenting the status
  • Jira notification automation
  • Automating task updating based upon various triggers
  • Overview of various third-party available apps like Overview of confluence and integration with Jira
  • Story points Estimation
  • Sprint Creation
  • Moving stories to and from sprint
  • Task breakdown, assignment and estimation
  • Priority and ranking
  • Define sprint goal and sprint duration
  • Monitor Burndown charts
  • Users & Group Overview

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What do I need to attend the course for this certification?

The “Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira” course is a non-certification program that does not have any prerequisites. It is suitable for individuals of all experience levels who are interested in becoming skilled in using Jira for Agile-based project management.

No, there is no exam for the “Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira” program. However, to receive the course completion certificate, it is necessary to attend the training session and successfully complete all the assigned tasks and assignments.

To enroll in the “Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira” program, please visit the iZenBridge website and complete the enrollment process. Once you have successfully enrolled, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with the details of the program classes. If you need any further assistance or have any queries, you can reach out to the sales team by sending an email to sales@izenbridge.com or contacting them via WhatsApp at +91 99582 87711. They will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the enrollment process or the “Managing Scrum/Kanban with Jira” program.

If you happen to miss any part of the class, don’t worry. You will have options to catch up on the missed content. The sessions are typically recorded, so you can watch the recording of the missed class at your convenience. There is also a possibility to attend the missed session in the next batch of the program, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any crucial information or learning.

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