Kanban Management Professional or Kanban System Improvement (KMP2/KSI) Virtual

09 September, 2023- 10 September, 2023
6:00 pm - 2:00 am (HKT)
8 hrs - Sat, Sun: 2 sessions
  • Certificate by Kanban University
  • Led by experienced Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT). 
  • Highly interactive session with lots of discussion and exercise.
  • Continuous learning and support to advance your Kanban understanding.
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$ INR 32000 + GST

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Trainer - Certified Instructor
Phalguna Ramaraju
Phalguna Ramaraju
Enterprise Lean-Agile Kanban Coach & Trainer | SPC | AKT | RTE | LPM | CAL1 | ICP-ACC | PMI-ACP
Experience - 30+ years

About this Workshop

Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP2/KSI) Certification will be led by Mr Phalguna Ramaraju. His extensive training will help you gain the daily operation knowledge of a Kanban system. The sessions will be delivered via a webinar platform (Zoom).

Your Registration Includes

  • 100% Assured Kanban certification

  • Led by an experienced Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT)

  • 16-hour virtual course session

  • Earn Kanban Systems Improvement certificate upon course completion

  • Real-world support and grooming

  • Lifetime Membership with Kanban University

  • Query Handling Facility over Email & Phone

  • Complete career path guidance

  • Continuous learning and support to advance your Kanban understanding

  • Full money back if you don’t like or are unable to attend the class.

Preparation Before the Workshop

  • Zoom - Download the latest version of zoom for a better learning experience.

  • Video Camera - Advisable to keep your video on for maximum duration to make the session interactive.

  • WhatsApp group - Join the WhatsApp group for regular communication among class participants.

  • YouTube Channel - Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel. We have a good amount of videos on Kanban certification.

How to become a Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP2/KSI) professional?


Enroll in iZenBridge for KMP2/KSI certification


Receive an email with session details.


Attend all the KMP2/KSI live sessions


Submit all the assignments


Claim your KMP2/KSI certificate

Who should take this course?

  • Project Managers / Program Managers

  • Agile Coaches and Consultants

  • Application leads / Team leads

  • Software developers

  • Testers

  • Business analysts

What are the
learning objectives?

  • Guide a team in their adoption of Kanban

  • Embrace a service-delivery mindset and help the team identify and reduce the bottlenecks that obstruct their development process

  • Learn how to measure and use meaningful kanban metrics like Flow Efficiency, Lead Time Distribution, Control Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

  • Learn how to conduct effective Kanban meetings–service delivery review, operations review and risk review

  • Evolve the process and practices in collaboration with team to ensure the service delivery model is “fit for purpose”.

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Upcoming Trainings

  • 09 Sep, 2023 - 11 Sep, 2023
  • 6:00 pm - 2:00 am (HKT)
  • 8 hrs - Sat, Mon: 2 Sessions

$ INR 32000 + GST

  • 04 Nov, 2023 - 06 Nov, 2023
  • 6:00 pm - 2:00 am (HKT)
  • 8 hrs - Sat, Mon: 2 Sessions

$ INR 32000 + GST

Upcoming Trainings

09 Sep, 2023 - 10 Sep, 2023
6:00 pm - 11:30 pm (HKT)
8 hrs - Sat, Sun: 2 Sessions

$ INR 32000 + GST

04 Nov, 2023 - 05 Nov, 2023
6:00 pm - 11:30 pm (HKT)
8 hrs - Sat, Sun: 2 Sessions

$ INR 32000 + GST

What is the certification fee for KMP2/KSI?

The cost of certification is included in the KMP2/KSI training fee. You need not pay for anything separately.

There is no exam for KMP2/KSI. However, you must attend the training sessions and complete all the assignments to get certified.

Once you join our virtual KMP2/KSI Certification program, you will participate in an online session, as indicated in the schedule. You will also be expected to complete program assignments. On completing all classes and assignments successfully, you will be awarded the KMP2/KSI certification.

This course has no prerequisites. However, prior attendance in the Kanban System Design class is preferred. Also, it is recommended to read “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows.

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